Automated Valuation Model (AVMs)

An instant statistical comparison of the property to actual sales of competitive properties. The report also provides known characteristics of the property and relevant tax record data.

Insured Automated Valuation Model (IAVM)

An almost-instant valuation product that greatly reduces the risk to lenders. In the event of a loss, simply file a claims form for reimbursement of the loss. If you want to speed up the process with minimal risk, this is definitely the way to do it!

Highly Accurate AVMs



Using the latest in predictive technologies, we make it possible to receive consistent and real estate AVMs. “LendLock” is a fully ” blended model.” It pulls upon a combination of index, and various valuation methods. Each method is backed by a number of our predictive technologies including Linear and Non-Linear Regression , Clustering, Probabilistic, Neural Network, Econometric and Statistical Non-Regression, Time Trend, Data Mining, Statistical Discrete and Statistical Fuzzy and Optimization technologies.

Target Confidence Score (TCS)

LendLogix delivers confidence scores (TCS) directly correlated to the accuracy of our valuations. By focusing on the relationship between our multiple valuation methodologies and other analytics, we are able to produce meaningful and useful confidence scores. The LendLock Confidence Indicator (LLCI) is specifically designed to be a highly correlated pointer to the accuracy of our market valuation estimate. In order to accomplish our objective, we use our proprietary techniques to look at numerous factors and their relationship to our valuations. Multiple valuation methods are analyzed for patterns of reflective accuracy.

SafeVal Ex :

Our standard AVM is a blended /hybrid AVM, meaning multiple methods (including market data and indexing) are combined to create the final valuation. Based on client requests, we have created a separate product that removes the market data in hard to value areas of the country. This creates an Index-only product (SAFEVAL EX) that uses our proprietary , super accurate custom algorithm. Based on a regional and local market reporting, a percentage of change in value for a specific market area, over a given period of time, is reflected.

SAFEVal EX Plus :

SAFEVAL EX is the estimated market value of a subject property based on an analysis of available data using various time series techniques. Its reports include a value estimate and confidence score. SAFEVAL ex gives an almost 100% hit rate on virtually any property. The program requires a previous known valuation and the date of that valuation which may be a prior appraisal or public sale.

Collateral Analysis Report (CAR):

The Collateral Analysis Report report is presented in an easy to use format with a summary page encapsulating all major findings to save time. The market proven metrics include the Subject Risk Score, the Market Risk Score, and the combined score, among others that provide a comprehensive snapshot of market conditions. Following the summary page, the report provides detailed property information for a number of recent sales and local properties, maps, graphs and other market analysis to support and confirm findings.

collateral analysis report

The report analyzes, detects and accurately identifies high-risk properties, market areas, and transactions. It utilizes the latest technology to analyze, detect and accurately identify high-risk transactions, market areas, and transactions while minimizing costly false positives on top of providing the mortgage banking industry with powerful and supportive information, vital in identifying fraudulent or high risk real estate transactions, prior to critical business decisions involving origination, acquisition, servicing, or loss mitigation strategies.

 Collateral Analysis Report applies state-of-the art analytics to all aspects of specific property, local and regional market dynamics, including historic price trends, forecasting analysis, and the complexities of fraudulent behavior. The resulting analysis and information are reconciled to provide a series of predictive scores that are highly correlated to the likelihood of risky or poor loan performance due to collateral fraud, early payment default, or other associated mortgage risk. The report also includes pertinent actionable items to efficiently direct review efforts in the verification of findings.



AVM Comparison

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