Our Title and Closing Services


LendQwik is Your One Stop Settlement Solution! LendQwik is your direct connection to flood, automated valuation model (AVM), appraisals, title and closing services vendors from a single, secure web site. Loan documents are electronically delivered in a professional and reliable manner. Only LendQwik’s advanced technology and unique products bring the best in mortgage advantages to lenders and brokers by accelerating the entire loan process, while delivering real savings to consumers.LendQwik_logo_small

LendQwik is the future of loan ordering and servicing today. The smart design bundles necessary mortgage services flawlessly, handles multiple borrowers, multiple services and service ordering, reduces workload, and makes your transition to the service so smooth it’s like nothing changed. With LendQwik, one login is all you need!

Our Title and Settlement service division, LendQwik, is able to provide full settlement solutions with YOU in mind.

LendLogix provides full settlement, title and closing services in one integrated platform.  Place your title and appraisal request in one place!

LendQwik offers these other valuable services:

  •  Flood certifications
  •  Title search
  •  Tax certifications (post closing)
  •  Life of loan flood certs
  •  AVM's (see valuation tab)
  •  Loan tracking

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About our partnership with All Star Title:

Our high-tech proprietary software, TrakLogix, allows  us to seamlessly integrate our appraisal ordering and tracking service -  allowing the  processing of loan documents  to be completed quickly and with minimal delays, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

The  products and services listed below represent some of the broad array that we can offer in partnership with All Star Title:

Title and Closing Products:

In addition to these, we can develop and implement internal and external processes that combine yours procedures with ours seamlessly and ensure efficient service and a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

We work with lenders, brokers, agents and all other stakeholders in the real estate process, offering the absolute highest standard of customer service as well as a smooth, technology-focused way of doing business. To learn more about our methodology, visit the Why Us Section.

To learn more about our products and services, visit the following pages or give us a call today!