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Are you tired of searching and vetting multiple vendors to find the right tools for debt to income ratio (DTI) or
loan to value (LTV)? With LendLogix, we help you every step of the way by providing mortgage lenders access to a multitude of vendors, ultimately giving you the choice  and helping you create the perfect cocktail of tools for your loan origination.

Through LendLogix, you receive assistance with everything from automated valuation models (AVMs), broker price opinions (BPOs), flood determinations, and more utilizing the latest technology and giving you access to a variety of nationally recognized providers for every step of the approval process.

Since its founding in 2013, LendLogix has had one mission: to increase profitability and reduce overhead for mortgage lenders while providing the best customer service possible. We work hard to ensure the entire process goes smoothly and accurately to help reduce closing costs and shorten closing times.

With LendLogix you can securely order Appraisals, Flood Certs, AVMs, BPOs, and so much more. LendLogix provides the tool for increased efficiencies, allows you to reduce costs, and help Lenders do what they do best: Lend!

LendLogix gives Lenders:

  • Appraisal Management Services
  • Broker Price Opinion Services
  • Automated Valuation Models (AVM) ( AVM Appraisals)
  • Mortgage Document Preparation
  • Nationwide Title Companies
  • Mortgage Settlement Services
  • Flood Determination
  • Valuation Technology

We have a team of client-service specialists.
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With so many competitors you may be wondering why pick LendLogix.
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