Introducing LENDLOGIX, the lender's "one stop settlement services solution".

We are "opening doors for closing", by offering a single log in site for ordering appraisals, title, flood, AVMs and more! Spend time closing loans, not struggling with software. Because LENDLOGIX's;  platform is completely web-based, all you need to do is point and click at one secure site. Enter loan information once, and then easily order, view, manage and store your reports on one site. LENDLOGIX; eliminates the need to email files containing sensitive loan data, so there's never a worry about security. Plus, there's no software to install or maintain and LENDLOGIX; handles all system enhancements - including those requested by customers.

  • Once you receive your login information, you will enter your username and password to enter your loan information and order your required settlement services.
  • Your loan details are only required to be entered once, and will self populate for   each service ordered.
  • To allow easy tracking or your orders, you will receive order updates from each of the settlement services vendors.
  • Bring Your Own Vendor! That's right....YOU choose your vendor. AMC's, appraisers, Title companies, AVM's all can be added...
  • No Software to buy, install and manage!
  • No more tedious retyping of loan information!
  • No Setup Fees!

Welcome to LendLogix

A powerful tool for mortgage Lenders to assist with the entire mortgage process. LendLogix; provides an easy to use platform, which aggregates nationally recognized vendors and service providers into one system with all your documents and services in one centralized location.

About LendLogix

Our Services

  • Loss Mitigation
  • Web Applications
  • Valuation
  • Title & Closing
Our Services

Our Software

We use the TrakLogix platform.  This is a state of the art platform specially modified for our use here at LendLogix. If your team would like more information about the TrakLogix platform

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